Jesse Thomas III

A trainer, professional bodybuilder, and family man. As a collegiate athlete, Jesse received his Bachelor's degree in Sports Management from Benedictine College. He began his training career with "Athletic Republic", the largest sports performance organization in North America. This allowed Jesse to quickly gain experience training/programming for the youth, collegiate , and elite (professional) athletes.

Jesse's experience as a multi-sport athlete gives him the ability to connect with many different individuals and his experience as a trainer gives him the knowledge necessary to build the proper fitness program to help foster confidence and enhance athleticism for all participants.

  • IPE Classic Physique Pro Bodybuilder
    • 2018 5th Place Finish at IPE WORLDS Championships
    • 2018 NANBF Clash of the Titans MN 1st Place Overall
    • 2018 NANBF Gateway Naturals STL . 1st Place Overall
  • 2x NBC American Ninja Warrior Competitor
  • Professional Arena Football Player (RB)
  • Collegiate athlete (RB, 4 year started)
  • Highschool athlete (basketball state champion; track; football)
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My Experiences

A few of my athletic endeavors

Jesse Thomas playing high school football
Jesse Thomas III On Ninja Warrior