Join our FREE Month of Maintenance Holiday Fitness Challenge.

The Objective: Don’t gain weight over the holidays!

This FREE challenge falls exactly in between Thanksgiving and Christmas so you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays guilt-free.

Over the next month, you can have your pies (and turkey, and stuffing, and snacks) and eat them too – but you have to take care of your body throughout the month in between! Just because foods we love become readily available doesn’t mean we should lose sight of our fitness goals.

The Challenge:

Here are a few things we’ll be doing throughout the challenge:

Completing a minimum of 12 group fitness classes throughout the challenge.

  • Meal Prep Mondays
  • Selfie Saturdays
  • Check-ins
  • And more!
What are the dates of the FREE Holiday Fitness Challenge?

The challenge will run from Monday, November 25th to Monday, December 23rd. This gives us a FULL Maintenance Month to stay on track with our fitness goals!

What Will the FREE Holiday Fitness Challenge Involve?

The challenge will involve a ton of mini-challenges. This will keep ourselves on track with our health and fitness goals. This month is not about losing a ton of weight. Instead, it’s about maintaining our weight & health goals through the end of the year. You won’t be doing anything too crazy or extreme.

Who can join this challenge?

This challenge is open to new and current Active Strength members!

How can I join for FREE?

Give us a call right now to get signed up! 816-200-0621