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“ACTIVE STRENGTH” is a prominent track club located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and stands out as the premier track club in Eastern Jackson County. Established in 2020, the club has quickly become a notable entity in the region, attracting aspiring track and field athletes with a commitment to excellence.


The primary focus of ACTIVE STRENGTH extends beyond just athletic achievements; it is dedicated to fostering holistic development in its athletes. The club’s mission revolves around nurturing not only the physical prowess of its members but also their character and life skills. This dual commitment sets ACTIVE STRENGTH apart, emphasizing the importance of personal growth, discipline, and sportsmanship alongside athletic performance.

The training and coaching provided by ACTIVE STRENGTH are designed to bring out the best in each athlete, helping them reach their full potential on the track while instilling values that extend beyond the sport. The emphasis on character development and life skills suggests a comprehensive approach, recognizing that success in athletics is intertwined with personal qualities and skills that are applicable in various aspects of life.



With its foundation in 2020, ACTIVE STRENGTH represents a relatively new but dynamic force in the track and field community. The club’s rapid establishment and dedication to a well-rounded approach to athlete development, positions them as a valuable resource for individuals aspiring to excel not only in their chosen sport but also in life beyond the track.

Welcome to the Active Strength Co Track Club! 

Are you ready to be a part of the premier track club in the greater KC area?

Track Club Details

Boys & Girls Ages: 6-17

Practice Dates: March 20th, 2024 – July 17th, 2024

Practice Days/Times at the track: Mondays/Wednesdays – 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Practice Days/Times at the gym: Tuesdays/Thursdays – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Tentative Practice Locations: East Trails, Pleasant Lea Middle School, Summit Lakes Middle School and Active Strength Co.


Cost: $375 per athlete

Initial Deposit of $150 Due at Time of Registration

Remaining Balance Due before first Meet

Multi Athlete Discount Available

What is included in team fee: 

Track club uniform- jersey top and bottom, and t-shirt

AAU Year Membership

Athlete Entry Fees to 6/7 meets (Excluding Regionals and Nationals)

Facility rental- 3 practices per week (2 on track and 1 in the gym)

Team Insurance


Not included in team fee:

Spectator entry fee for Meet Day (varies per event)

Personal track equipment (spikes, braces, etc.)
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 The Running Well Store & Fleet Feet along w/ Dicks Sporting Goods and Scheels

Travel Expenses


Fundraiser Opportunities: 

Optional opportunities to fundraise to help cover the cost of registration (Regionals and Nationals)a